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L&MR Rocket
When I recently picked-up a Revell kit for a UP 'Big Boy', I decided that I should probably start-off at the other end of the scale to enable the two ends of the 'scale' of steam locomotives to be captured...!

Whilst of course the Hornby LMR Rocket model is very nice, as I don't actually need one, and it will be a 'shelf queen', I decided to instead start with the venerable Dapol(/Kitmaster!) kit.
Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

As the instructions make very clear, the mouldings on this are definitely not young (>50years old now!), and some of the fitment/finish as-supplied definitely required a fair amount of 'massaging' to get them to fit nicely.

Whilst this is plainly not a motorised model, one of the biggest things I think you can do is to increase the weight of the (very light) plastic model to make it more stable when placed onto the rails. - This was done by simply filling the boiler and water tank with some lead shot during the glue-up stage.

After about an hour of assembly and clean-up in front of the TV on NYE, I was left with the main 'bones' assembled. - The wheels and chimney are both completely removable at this stage to assist with assembly and painting. - A bit of a size comparison to a GWR hall that would've been ~100yrs its junior!
Train Vehicle Steam engine Rolling stock Motor vehicle

The look of the chimney could also be massively improved after assembly by drilling it out (slowly opened-out to approx. 3mm).

The cylinders were also assembled, but left unattached for painting...
Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire Wheel Tire

The supplied plastic stays at the front of the boiler were substituted with some 0.45mm NS wire, which looks better (IMHO) should be much stronger (chimney removed to make this easier).
Dvi cable Finger Thumb Electronic component Cable

One of the other improvements was to replace the moulded pipe which goes up the LHS of the chimney with some more wire, thus after some careful carving....
Finger Automotive tire Bicycle part Wood Gas

(note that the glue was wet in the above photo - it dried much less 'globby' than it appears!)

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos before painting, but another big improvement was to mount each of the wheels into a drill, and 'clean up' using some emery to get the flange to actually be round! The two loco wheels are also still 'splittable' to enable them to be removed for painting.

The two figures also required careful cleanup and filling, as there were big flash and moulding sink marks on them. Whilst definitely not perfect, I'd like to think they are improved from the supplied...!

....after that we catch-up with how things are now, with everything disassembled to assist with painting.
Gas Engineering Machine Art Space

And now following an application of white primer :)
Engineering Machine Auto part Toy Gas

To Do!
  • Painting! - obviously :ROFLMAO:
    • Currently deciding how much to do with the airbrush, and how much by hand. Current intention is that the yellow and white areas are both airbrush, with the remainder by hand, but TBC.
  • Final detailing
    • As the cylinders are not attached to assist in painting, the two stays which attach to the chimney don't have anywhere to mount to at the other end.
    • I'll be trying to keep the model 'rollable', but again TBC.



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GWR Shunting Wagon Diagram M.2 No.41750 - Plymouth (Millbay) East End (Continued)
The custom shed/yard allocation lettering from Railtec (a 'standard' range of names also available) arrived a couple of days ago, which allows the lettering to be finished-off. Steve nicely supplies them as a pack of 3, which means you have a spare should a disaster occur...!
Finger Font Material property Rectangle Electric blue

(the extra set is for another project which will be coming around the corner one day...)

These were then fitted onto the toolbox, although the 'lock-side' one needed splitting to be able to get around the lock itself.
Computer keyboard Input device Peripheral Computer Engineering

Computer keyboard Computer Input device Peripheral Personal computer

As mentioned on the previous post, as the running number is located on the solebar, it needed to be slightly smaller than the standard 5" which GWR used, thus I used some 4" ones (Railtec again!) followed with the Tare from a Fox Transfers sheet.
Vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Auto part

Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Tire

This one is very nearly there, with just a few tasks remaining;
  • Coat of gloss varnish - seal in the transfers
  • Very light weathering (oils) of the wagon & wooden flooring.
  • Coat of matt varnish to 'dampen down' and stop the oil paint from smudging
  • Attaching the shunter figure which I painted before.



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GWR Low Siphon Diag.O.1 No.1995
As I'm sure some worked out, there was a reason why I've been obtaining and repainting a stack of milk churns in a previous post.

Although (as-per previous discussions), I'm aware that the K's kits are definitely 'less than great', I've been wanting to tackle a 6-wheel siphon for years, and the D&S High-Siphon goes for £££s on the 2nd-hand market...
Gadget Font Recreation Guitar accessory Dvd

As with many K's kits, the flooring comes in two pieces (presumably to simplify the moulds as it means you'd only need two copies of the same shot), which meant joining and filling in the middle to hide the joint. - Due to a change in approach later, this was probably not nessicary, but hey ho!
Wood Rectangle Flooring Wood stain Hardwood

Honestly the rest of the original build went together pretty smoothly. The prominent mould release marks on the rear of the walls/ends all need chopping-off then sanding, and small adjustments were required to the fitment between parts, but generally it was ok.
Train Wheel Rolling stock freight car Track

Looking at the above photo though definitely gave me the 'this could be improved' vibes...

First on the chopping block was the moulded door handles and grab rails. The tee handles were from Roxey Mouldings, and the grab rail was Dart Castings.
Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Rim Hood

Wood Rolling stock Track freight car Rolling

The moulded lamp irons have also been carved-off ready for replacement, however I will leave fitting the new ones until towards the end as they are fairly vunerable to mangling where they are...!
Wood Rectangle Bumper Automotive exterior Hardwood

....and this is where I decided 'stuff it-go ham'.....

...and obtained a 6-wheel set of sprung W-irons... (technically the etch is for a MR prototype, but I honestly couldn't see any differences between this and the prototype)
Rectangle Font Gas Cardboard Paper

Unfortunately this meant hacking-off the moulded W-irons and footboards which I had only just fitted, but all for the greater good....!
Wood Rectangle Harmonica Bumper Flooring

This was followed by hacking off the moulded protrusion which is supposed to represent the solebar footboard, as the supplied one looked a tad high, and was also very....'chunky'.... This was then replaced with some thin plywood cut into a suitable strip.
Wood Triangle Wood stain Hardwood Flooring

One of the other major shortcomings of the original K's mouldings was that the axlebox springs were completely the wrong length - ~4'6" rather than the 6' they should have been! Fortunately Dart Castings has a nice whitemetal set which can be used to replace!
Wood Metal Nail Wrist Composite material

As I decided to go the 'whole hog' on this one, there is a long to-do list remaining...!
  • Bodywork
    • Buffers
    • lamp irons
  • Underframe
    • The above mentioned Bill Bedford w-irons
    • Brake gear
    • W-Iron tie rods
    • Lower footboard
    • Axleboxes
  • Roof
    • The moulded roof was missing in the kit I bought, so I've had to scratch-build one to fit...
  • Painting!
  • Finishing
    • Fitting the milk churns. - I have some ideas...



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GWR Low Siphon Diag.O.1 No.1995 (Continued)
As mentioned above, unfortunately the kit I bought was missing the roof, so thought I'd try something new - scratch-building a roof!

I'm aware of a couple of different methods, however decided to use the 'heat up over a suitable form' approach. A scrap of balsa was sanded to a suitable shape using the body end as a template (the siphon roof is a 3-arc type), followed by baking a piece of 0.5mm plasticard at 180C for 10mins!
Wood Ruler Office ruler Font Cylinder

Unfortunately you can see from the above that I somehow ended up with a couple of bubbles which would need sanding down.

Before I did that, I decided to stiffen everything up using some transverse ribs (again using the body end as a template). The ones at each extreme were made slightly deeper to 'grip' the ends.
Wood Finger Hardwood Kitchen utensil Tool

...and test-fitted to the body...
Hand Finger Wood Musical instrument accessory Thumb

I could have done a better job preparing the buck, and I think that I probably 'over-cooked' things, so the surface was quite rough. - The solution; absolutely slather it with filler then sand-back down!
Wood Bumper Rectangle Flooring Automotive exterior

Gadget Bumper Automotive exterior Rectangle Gesture

This was followed with some grey primer to help show where would need more rubbing-down (also will highlight where later sanding is still going down to the lower layers).
Wood Electric blue Hardwood Rectangle Flooring

....aaaand more was plainly needed...!
Rectangle Automotive exterior Composite material Tints and shades Electric blue

....aaand some white primer.
Musical instrument Wood Rectangle Electronic instrument Audio equipment

Once the main part of the roof was all nice, the rain strip was next, fashioned by gluing some 0.5mm NS wire on top.
Hand Finger Office supplies Thumb Font

....and this was finally followed by a coat of off-white (RAL 9002) to tone things down slightly from the very 'bright' white primer!
Gas Automotive design Shelving Machine Shelf

Having now completed one scratch-built roof, I must say it was a lot less painful than I was expecting. - I've tried using the 'boiling water & jar' method before without much success, but this seems to have gone reasonably! I have a Mink which is also missing a roof which I may tackle at some stage....



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Freelance GWR 'Mini' Brakevan (Continued)
The mini brakevan is now done! - The last couple of things included fitting windows - this was done using glass microscope cover slips (I like the 'sheen' which this provides compared to using plastic, although it is definitely more difficult to work with...!). This was fixed in place using Humbrol Clearfix, as this doesn't suffer from blooming as superglue is liable to, although unfortunately you can see the RHS window on the below photo there was a small amount of 'squeeze-out'.
Gadget Super nintendo entertainment system Input device Thumb Toy

Buffer heads are 18" turned steel from Wizard Models, which unfortunately come untreated, so required a dunking in blackening solution before gluing into place. - Although I like the idea of sprung buffers, I've basically decided that they aren't worth the effort in 4mm.

Final points is some 'glam' shots - Whilst definitely ungainly, I'm really happy with how it has turned out overall, and it seems to run really well despite the 7ft wheelbase. The underframe itself also turned out quite well, giving it a pleasing 'busy' look which also still stands-up to closer examination.
Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Track

Train Wheel Track Rolling stock Rolling

Train Wheel Rolling stock Track Rolling

Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Rolling

The accompanying 'maxi' one is also being progressed, but that will follow in a future post...!



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L&MR Rocket (Continued)
Progress on Rocket is continuing, albeit a tad more slowly than originally intended.

As the main body is of course bright yellow, I've started with this...! I couldn't find any details on precisely which yellow Rocket should have been, so ended up with Railmatch Warning Yellow, although will admit that is largely driven by being the only yellow I had in stock....!

As with many such colours, the first coat didn't provide complete coverage...
Motor vehicle Engineering Machine Plastic Industry a second coat was required (you can see the areas which only ended up with one)
Light Product Automotive tire Yellow Toy

Engineering Electronic engineering Circuit component Machine Electric blue

I decided to tackle the black ironwork (using Humbrol acrylic pots) on the tender first, as I wanted to get this all closed-out before proceeding with the more complex loco and wheels...
Circuit component Finger Toy Electrical wiring Engineering

The tender water carrier would follow next, although I can see from the below photo that the strapping will require a bit of touch-up still....
Tire Automotive tire Engineering Audio equipment Gas

Much of the same to the above is to follow. None of the above is complex, but does definitely take time to get it to look decent... I have definitely decided to do the white chimney with the airbrush though, as I have a bit of a bad history with trying to brush-paint 'large' areas of white going badly.... so lots of masking to follow....

I have also been having a go at painting the two Victorian gentlemen who were supplied with the kit, but that is for another post.



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L&MR Rocket (Continued)
...Some fine Victorian gentlemen....!

Supplied with the Dapol Rocket kit are a pair of smartly-dressed Victorian gentlemen in some rather fetching top-hats..!

As with the rest of the kits, unfortunately the mouldings for these two are definitely showing their age, and required quite extensive filling and re-shaping to their backs and sides due to a very prominent mould-pin mark and lots of flash around the edges....

I've looked back, and it seems that I didn't do a great job of taking photos, thus the best I have of the initial stages is the below which was taken after initial filling/sanding/priming, but before the final tweaks - you can see the rather nasty state of the back of the LHS gentleman!
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Toy Automotive exterior

Each figure was mounted on a small piece of 0.5mm wire to provide a place to grasp onto for painting.

Colouring would be very simple - Skin colour was Tamiya Flat-Flesh XF15 acrylic paint, which was followed by carefully spraying the coat, hat & trousers with cellulose RAL9005 black, although I deliberately kept it slightly translucent to help show contours. The gentleman on the left also had his beard picked out with a white pencil.
Toy Gesture Hat Art Fictional character

You may be able to see some white 'splodges' on the face on the RHS - there was a very brief attempt to try to paint eyes, which I will be covering up before toning down with some matt varnish...

A few other bits I'm pondering, although am as-yet undecided on;
  • Picking out coat buttons with brass paint
  • Picking out better the white shirt & maybe a tie (would need to check my Victorian fashion for that! :ROFLMAO: )
  • Maybe trying to replace the broken hands - they arrived broken unfortunately... :(

In my defence on the above photo - each figure is ~26mm tall, so unless you're looking at the above photo on your phone, you're likely seeing them at >>actual size...!



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GWR Low Siphon Diag.O.1 No.1995 (Continued)
Next-up on the Siphon was fitting the buffers - in this case some nice whitemetal and steel 2ft buffers from MJT.
Wood Musical instrument Toy Pet supply Plucked string instruments

The W-irons would be tackled next, with focus initially on getting the 4-wheel chassis running nicely and ensuring the suspension runs smoothly.
Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Wood Grille

(note that the W-irons weren't glued in place for the above photo, hence the alignment issues!)

After getting the 'plain' W-irons rolling nicely, next up was to get the brake gear on the outer axles sorted. These are integral to the Bill Bedford fret, which although very nice isn't 100% designed to work with OO wheels, thus there are some clearance issues with the brake yolks and they don't align with the wheel treds fully.... Honestly this isn't that noticeable when things are the 'correct' way up, so I'm going to leave as-is.
Gas Motor vehicle Machine Auto part Composite material

As the connection to the pull-rod is below the axle, this will be painted separately to allow the wheels to be removed whilst painting is being done. The yolk has a small pin soldered into it to allow it to be clipped in-place when the time comes.

You can also see that a small amount of shimming was required under the W-irons to get the desired ride height - this was very deliberate as it was easier to add more shims than grind out more of the flooring!

Next-up was fitting the middle wheelset, which were again shimmed to the correct height. One thing I have done is mounted this axle 0.3mm higher than the outer two to 'soften' the suspension and prevent it rocking over the centre axle.
Automotive tire Vehicle Bumper Motor vehicle Bicycle part

The axlebox tie-rods and axleboxes themselves were soldered and glued into place. The tie rods were some lengths of 0.5mm NS wire. As is so-often the case, the axleboxes needed their rear grinding out with a mini-drill to clear the moving bearings.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Engineering Automotive tire

This was followed with some very nice lost-wax brass vacuum pipes from MJT. This also be followed with some steam-heat pipes (whitemetal), however I am leaving these off until later in the build to avoid damage due to handling, particularly before the step-boards go in!

Popping it back onto its wheels, for a progress shot does show that the Siphon is really starting to come together!
Train Wheel Rolling stock freight car Motor vehicle

Wheel Train Rolling stock freight car Track

Remaining list!
  • Bodywork
    • lamp irons
  • Underframe
    • Vac cylinder & associated Brake gear. - I might see if I can keep this entirely de-mountable for painting, although may leave that to just the pull-rods if it is elsewise too difficult....
    • Lower footboard - I have cut some plywood into strips and will be supporting on some brass wire (0.7mm I think). I haven't decided whether to leave this unpainted or not - I have seen pictures of both.
    • Steam heat pipes
  • Painting!
  • Finishing
    • Fitting the milk churns.



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L&MR Rocket (Continued)
Painting on Rocket is continuing, starting with the wheels. - this was achieved by mounting the wheel into the chuck of a drill, then spinning it to help ensure the black areas were nice and even around the circumfrence! I didn't actually use paint for this, rather alcohol-based black marker pen. - with careful overcoating with varnish, this actually works completely fine..!
Gas Screwdriver Wood Auto part Fashion accessory

Rim Bicycle part Spoke Automotive wheel system Automotive tire

A similar process was followed on the loco driving and trailing wheels, although this was actually easier than the tender wheels, as I haven't attached the central axle halves together yet, so they could be more securely mounted in the drill...
Wheel Automotive tire Alloy wheel Rim Spoke

The loco body has also received additional paint - this time the white for the chimney. Fortunately the masking for this could be pretty basic as all I needed to do was protect the yellow paint, as it is easy enough to paint black over white..!
Engineering Gas Electrical wiring Machine Wire

And following removal of the tape, it looks like nothing leaked, which is good!
Automotive tire Yellow Tire Engineering Gas

The 'near finished' components of the tender were again dry-fitted to see how everything looks, and I'll say I'm pretty happy with it! :D
Train Wheel Toy Motor vehicle Yellow

Needless to say; focus will be turned to finishing-off the painting on the loco body to enable final finishing!



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Freelance GWR 'Maxi' Brakevan No.104438 (Continued)
Progress on the 'Maxi' brake van is moving along, albeit slower than I'd like. Lettering on the second side of the body has also now been completed, and am very happy with how neatly it has turned out :D
Wood Automotive tire Rectangle Gas Bumper

I nearly forgot about the sander pipes. These are all fashioned using some 0.7mm brass rod which are suitably bent & glued in-place to the underside of the flooring. I used the baking soda/superglue trick to reinforce the landing area for the sanding pipes, so there is absolutely no way they're coming off!
Finger Automotive tire Rim Bicycle part Automotive wheel system

Automotive exterior Cable Auto part Bumper Wire

A quick lick of paint makes them blend-in very nicely, and although the sand pipes are fairly subtle, I do think they add to the look!!
Wheel Rolling stock Motor vehicle Rolling Plant

Wood Asphalt Automotive tire Building Automotive exterior

This one is very nearly done, with only the following left!
  • Painting
    • Picking out handrails in white (after lettering complete)
  • Finishing
    • Install window glazing


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