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We visit Austria each summer, and I have made a few purchases from both Klein Modellbahn and Kleinbahn.

Klein Modellbahn have/had a shop in Salzburg, run by a very nice lady, she even called a taxi to take us to the airport after our last vist a couple of years ago!

Sadly, I read (I think in Model Rail Intenational) that Klein Modellbahn were closing down at the end of March this year. I do not know if this has happened, and would be grateful if anyone can confirm this (Goedel ??). We were hoping to visit the Salzburg shop again this August, if it still exists?

Kleinbahn used to have shops in both Salzburg and Innnsbruck (as well as a few other Austrian towns and cities), but the Salzburg shop closed 2 or 3 years ago. Again, I don't know if the Innsbruck shop is still open.

I found both the Klein Modellbahn ad Kleinbahn shops magical experieces, like walking back to the 1960s. Nice but basic colour light signals and switches available in both shops (showing the common parentage. Kleinabhan do an interesting electric turntable that was fairly cheap too.

Kleinbahn seemed to have kept their models unchanged, whereas Klein Modellbahn had upped the games in the detail stakes, and have even produced some Austrian Double Decker coaches for Marklin about 3 years back.

If anyone has any current information on either company, I would be very grateful. In a couple of days I am going to be off line for a while due to a house move, so please don't be offended if I am unable to reply.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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