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Hi guys, this will be the thread where I post my progress of building the small HO Scale switching layout i have been planning. It consists of 6 modules (each numbered in the attached trackplan), which their dimensions are as follows:

Module #1 is 78" L x 24" W
Module #2 is 45" L x 24" W and is at a 45 degree angle
Module #3 is 96" L x 24" W
Module #4 is 96" L x 24" W
Module #5 is 96" L x 24" W and is at a 45 degree angle
Module #6 is 82" L x 24" W

All track is Central Valley Tie Strips with Micro Engineering Code 83 Rail. Turnouts are Walthers Code 83 #6, #4 WYE's, #6 3-Way Turnout, #6 Double-Slip & Atlas Code 83 12.5 Degree Crossing. Minimum Radius is 24" throughout the plan

**The top Orange rectangles that cross the Blue Rectangle on Module #3 are bridges. The Blue Rectangle is the Drainage Ditch. The Top Orange Rectangle will be one of the BLMA Concrete Segmental Bridges, the bottom Orange Rectangle a Plate Girder Bridge.
**All other Orange boxes are Buildings (each building has the company that occupies the building in or next to it)
**Red Lines are the BNSF Mainline. There are 2 Mainlines that run through, I have only included one. The mainline will be Concrete Ties.
**Yellow Tracks are La Mirada Yard Tracks. The real yard has 8 tracks, mine has 5
**White Tracks are Run-Around's
**Blue Tracks are Yard Leads or other Leads for Switching
**Purple Tracks are the loco/caboose track


Ill start explaining the industries from far left to right.

Majestic Management is a company that does not see Rail Traffic. The siding next to the building will be used to store loaded hoppers for Spartech Plastics
Spartech Plastics is a company with 2 unload tracks. Each track will hold one hopper. This industry will have to be switched often pulling empties out then pushing loaded hoppers from the storage track in.
Complete Environmental Products is an industry that no longer receives rail traffic. The switch is partially torn out, which will make for a fantastic detail i think!
US Gypsum receives boxcar loads and has a large concrete loading dock. 2 Boxcars at a time can be spotted here.
Pactiv Advanced Packaging Solutions is another Plastics company. There are several boarded up cargo doors along the back of the building, and I believe they only receive hopper cars down at the other end of the building, which will not be modeled. The 3 storage tanks will be built but again, they are no longer used. Exterior Piping and boarded cargo doors will be modeled on this one.
Airgas is a company that spots tank cars. 3 Cars can be spotted here at a time.
Latex International does not receive any rail traffic
The Small Square Building next to the end of the Purple Tracks is the yard office
Rohm & Haas Co. is the long skinny rectangle next to Weber Distribution. The long skinny rectangle is a tank car unloading platform.
Weber Distribution can spot several boxcars cars at a time
Tropical Asphalt can spot several shorty 2-bay Covered Hoppers at a time.
Montebello Container Corporation can spot 4-5 boxcars at a time. The second Montebello building which is located directly across from Georgia Pacific can spot 3-4 boxcars at a time.
Gesma Enterprises is a industries that spots tank cars. 1-2 tank cars can be spotted here behind the boxcars for Montebello, which is how it is laid out on the prototype.
Italcal Trading does not receive any rail traffic
Leader Automotive Inc can spot 2 boxcars at a time
Georgia Pacific can spot several cars at a time on the track nearest the building. The second track nearest the building is used as a storage track for additional loaded boxcars that are switched in when the needed.
Estenson Logistic LLC can spot several cars at a time. This industry spots cars rather oddly, and each car much be spotted exactly. There is space between each boxcar spotted, so the cars must be tied down individually, which will make for some interesting details.

In my next post I will post the start of Module #4, which is the module I have chosen to start with


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Its not much to show, but you get the idea lol

I used the all of the remaining Central Valley Tie Strips I had laying around. I will have to order some more of them. But I did have enough to get the right side of the yard laid out. The BNSF Mainline will run along the back, and will be up on roadbed so it will be slightly raised from the rest of the yard. The bottom track in the picture is the siding for Estenson Logistic LLC. The second track from the bottom is the yard lead (which is the blue track on the plan just above Estenson). This track was stopped short, and where it ends the first turnout will be placed.

Ill be ordering the turnouts as well as some more Central Valley Tie Strips and the Concrete Flextrack for the BNSF Mainline i need for module #4 tomorrow, and they should be in sometime next week.


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Though I'm 13 years late to this thread, and as I live in S. Pasadena, Ca. and mill around lots off 1:1 scale track in Los Angeles I can totally relate to this switching layout... Also, as am a 'point to point only' modeler as it causes one to operate like the 1:1 scale, I really like this layout and its odd but realistic bench design...Wonder what it's up to, now that it's Jan, 2023....

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Welcome 'Crosstie50'.
...Wonder what it's up to, now that it's Jan, 2023....
Just no way of knowing, as 'Trucklover' last posted in 2011.

Don't know how it is in your part of the world, but this is somewhat like reality; you revisit a once familiar location after a couple of years away elsewhere, and practically everything you remember has been swept away or extensively modified!

The goods yard in my hometown, once busy, and with tracks to over a dozen rail served industries, now handles no freight at all. The yard is still there, but all the traffic is track maintenance related as it's become the engineers' equipment and materials depot. All the tracks that served industries are long gone, built over with anonymous blocks of service operations that move their products over the net...

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34C. I know what you mean...There is a trackage area in Los Angeles where the LAJR (Los Angeles Junction Rwy) connects at right angles to the giant BNSF yard via a wye.. I used to be able to park my car in a gravely lot and run across the 4 track main at night to the defunct Hobart tower and climb the wooden stairs and watch the action..The tower is now gone and the area where I'd park is heavily patrolled by RR cops.. This was my #1 fav rail fan hang for years.. Now it's no more...
Anyway, I wonder whether or not OP "Trucklover" still has the switching layout...
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