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Laminating plastics

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Hi Guys

What glue should I use for laminating plastics when constructing buildings? I used a locally made (UK) solvent glue called plasticweld but this seems to be causing my walls to warp, gets worse the more detail I add to the building. I am laminating plastic brick paper to plain plasticard. All my mouldings etc are plastic strip that I then glue in place on the wall


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If you are using plasticweld and you seal it in then it doesn't evaporate and tends to cause the warping as it continues to eat through the plastic softening it. It's effectively resealed in its bottle by the glue around the outer edges.
If you want to use plasticweld or other liquid glues I'd suggest drilling small holes on the inner sheet that will be hidden and just putting drops in each hole so that it glues the plastic together and then the solvent can still evaporate.
If you want to laminate it all over the sheet then you'd probably be better off with a contact glue rather than one that relies on evaporation.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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