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Laminating plastics

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Hi Guys

What glue should I use for laminating plastics when constructing buildings? I used a locally made (UK) solvent glue called plasticweld but this seems to be causing my walls to warp, gets worse the more detail I add to the building. I am laminating plastic brick paper to plain plasticard. All my mouldings etc are plastic strip that I then glue in place on the wall


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I've never had any problems with liquid solvents warping plastikard - I usually use Mek-pak. I'm not sure that I'd recommend any solvent to attach paper to plastikard, though; I'd have thought that a diluted PVA like Resin W might be a better bet. I prefer to use embossed plastikard for the outer face of buildings, except for slate roofing, when I use overlapping strips of paper laboriously notched every 3mm or so, and Resin W is what I use to attach this to the (thick) plastikard shell.

When laminating plastikard to build up good, hefty thicknesses it's a good idea to sandpaper or scribe the plastikard and take the gloss off the face - I think this gives the solvent a better grip. I also use "G" clamps or weights to hold the finished items together until everything's properly dry.
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