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Laminating plastics

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Hi Guys

What glue should I use for laminating plastics when constructing buildings? I used a locally made (UK) solvent glue called plasticweld but this seems to be causing my walls to warp, gets worse the more detail I add to the building. I am laminating plastic brick paper to plain plasticard. All my mouldings etc are plastic strip that I then glue in place on the wall


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Your solvent is fine and any solvent that actually melts the plastic is ok.
Your warping is due to you only having two laminations. Ideally you should have a third internal or rear lamination which acts as a balancer and prevents the warp occurring.
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To prevent warping you should be using quite thick Plastikard for the substrate. I have some that is about 2mm thick. Then use the same solvent.

This is difficult to cut, I use a tool that I call a skrawker, which is like a sharpened hook. I think Stanley knives make one, howver I grind my own out of old Xacto blades.

I have also used 2 or 3mm ply as a substate and stuck the Plastikard brick sheets to it with contact adhesive. Another trick is to use perspex or acrylic as the substrate, then you don't have to cut out any windows.

Wayne, part of the touble can be traped air, ideally the inner layers need small holes drilled in them to let out any air and surplus solvent, as already said the solvent you are using is fine, but the minimum number of layers has to be three, or any odd number, 4 will warp as will 6 but not so much. If you look at any plywood you will find it too has odd numbers of ply as this stops it warping as a general rule.


mike g
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