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Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

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Does anyone happen to have any plans laying around for Signal Boxes on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. I am looking in particular for Aspinal designs qwith the side sliding windows - evn though the railway was extremly large I am having problems finding any drawings and the ones i have got look completly wrong to the photographs. Can anyone help me at all.

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I warmly recommend John Hinson's site for a first shot. He has a wide range of photos and other information about many companies boxes including the L&Y. There is also an attached forum which has some very knowledgeable contributors.

If that doesn't have what you want, his site has links to the Signalling Record Society and to several other informative sites.

Hello Nikki,
if my memory serves me corectly there was an article on L and Y signal boxes with plans for Mythelmroyd West box in the Railway Modeller in 1973 (the January edition I believe but can't be sure). Unfortunately I threw all my RMs away 3 years ago, but it may be worth browsing through old RMs at exhibitions and the like.

Hope this helps

There is an official drawing of a timber Lancashire & Yorkshire signal box with the horizontal sliding sashes in "A Pictorial Record of LMS Architecture" by Anderson and Fox from OPC which may be of interest.
I don't know if you are still looking, but by chance I came across Modellers' BackTrack Volume 4 No 6 (February 1995) which has an article by T T Sutcliffe on "Standard LYR Signal Boxes". There are several photos, two 7mm drawings of size "5" and size "6" boxes, and an analysis of the various sizes of box, with lists of examples. All in all it looks pretty useful, if you can lay your hands on a copy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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