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Following my recent topic about acoustics, where one has to have proper under lay to avoid rumbling as a locomotive rolls over the track I was wondering that when I come to the stage of starting to model my landscape if there are any pitfalls that I have to watch out for, eg not glueing this or not glueing that as it might cause rumbling as a train passes by.

I am looking ahead to some problems that might arise of which I might be in the dark, as I already had to pull up all my laid track on my first railway and have started laying again from scratch.

I came to find out that glue is the greatest danger when fixing rails, now how about when modelling the landscape. I intend to use the wire netting with paper glued on top, so at some point I would certainly have to apply glue quite near to the rails especially for loose scatter.

I am all ears for some professional advice.


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Mostlyeating, re your comments about rumbling locos on trackbed & your desire to eliminate any noise - my trackbed is 3mm cork glued to 12mm MDF; track - both PCB & flexi. is pinned & ballasted with traditional PVA & I don't have much noise, let alone rumbling.

In real life, locos on track are not quiet. This one on my layout, even though not yet ballasted, is glued cork & track pinned every 4inches at least
- camera microphone is at track level which is not where one normally does not watch model trains from.
The ballasted section over a lift up is not much louder.

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I make my hills out of polystyrene ,you can get this from all good DIY shops it come in 25mm and 50mm thick sheets.
I glue them together with wood glue and then leave to set, once they are set i use the woodlands scenic hot cutter to make the shapes of the hills ,then i cover it with plaster with a little wood glue mixed in(This helps it not to crack)
Then i use the woodlands scenic earth tone ,once this has dryed cover with what ever ground scatter you are using using wood glue with a little water and washing up liquid .
I use a cake iceing shaker ,which i got from a hardwear store very cheap !!!.
( Do cover up your track as it gets every where !!!)
Then i use a car vac to remove any lose scatter and reuse it for later on as my car vac has never been used to clean a car as i brought it just to do this kind of job.
Once you have done this and are happy with it spray it with hair spray ,this will hold it down.
I hope you find this helpful.
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