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I always find these long narrow gauge lines running in obscur places totally fascinating as they generally operate in parts that normal railways have an inability to operate in for one reason or another. They are Romney and Dimchurch on a massive scale.

There was a recent discovery of a massive long forgotten network in a Polish forest that is now being renovated.

And is there not a long narrow gauge line running across the pampas in Argentina?

And amazingly there is (or was?) 50km of narrow gauge operating in the Penryn Slate Quarry in Wales.

Amd of course there was the long lost Lynton and Lynmouth line running across Exmoor. I mention this because the picture above looks very like something running along what could have been the Lynton and Lynmouth line which closed in 1937.

A very English look about it.

HOe or OO9 gauge is a remarkable gauge to work with permitting good operational oportunities in an OO/HO scale environment. Think of it as N gauge with OO figures, buildings and scenery. Subject matter like this is always interesting and rather stirring.

I have a strong sense that Doug will be stirred!

Happy modelling

PS have a look at this site:-

Narrow Gauge Heaven
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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