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Large scale narrow gauge locomotive

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I recently was gifted with a large scale ( I suppose G Gauge) locomotive. It is a 4 wheel industrial diesel that is powered with a Bachmann HO four wheel diesel chassis.
Does anyone have an idea of what this might be?
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Without a picture rather hard to tell

Rather hard to know becuase kitbashers work to whatever scale they choose ... it sounds like Gn15 perhaps which I think is 1/20 scale on 16.5mm track. I would measure the cab door and divide by six for a rough idea of the scale.
Since you are in America it is perhaps a 3ft prototype on HO gauge ... forget for the moment what Americas call that.

Look at the O gauge forum for the more common scale/gauges .... I did have some Bachmann in one of them once upon a time long time ago. A Bachmann catalog on-line might ID it for you.
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