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"I have two Lima 67's and next to other loco's (66, 37, 47, 57 etc) they look too big and chunky. The real prototype loco looks quite slim and petite."
its massive by UK standards!! i am not sure of the dimensions but it must be getting on for 65ft. and on only 4 axels!! (you gotta feel sorry for the track!!) i saw one of the royals in the thunderbird siding at kings cross a few weeks ago. it was the dirtyest loco i have ever seen!!
I am hopeing to get 3 of these.(EWS/royal and a silver bullet)

The biggest problem with all the old lima models was that they used yellow plastic and printed evrything on. when they announced the 67 it was supposed to have all these features anyway. but they never delivered on their promises.

i thought the ribbing down the sides had been corrected. it was only the rivit counters that complained about it. aparently it had the wrong number of ribs.

for the record it was totally the wrong colour as well!

"Who were the people who supposedly lobbied Hornby for an early re-release of ex-Lima models?
W****rs !! "
for heavens sakes. you seem to have completly missed the point. its better than what we have now which is a load of lousey models at collectors prices. and it wasnt early re-release. we have been waiting 3 years!!

"I hope it's a stop gap" why dont you wait and see the model first rather than judging it buy the old lima one. this is a NEW company we are looking at. they will want to make a good impression.

1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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