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QUOTE Is the class 67 an imporved kind of stop gap and one day they'll produce a new model, or do you think it's the end product so to speak?I hope it's a stop gap.

It's good news about the chassis and underframe, but then we have known all along that Hornby will be replacing bogies, wheels, motors and drivetrain on all the ex-Lima diesels.
DCC sockets and lights were also expected.

Unfortunately, the Lima body molding wasn't that good, and the cab front detail was molded on and printed.
Someone told me the bodyside ribbing is all wrong, but I wouldnt know if that was true?

I have two Lima 67's and next to other loco's (66, 37, 47, 57 etc) they look too big and chunky. The real prototype loco looks quite slim and petite.
Maybe the "experts can tell us if they are overscale?

Presumably the "new" model has proper lights.
The old ones were absolute RUBBISH! They even shone through the cab bodywork. Lima's Grand Finale of NAFFNESS!

Who were the people who supposedly lobbied Hornby for an early re-release of ex-Lima models?
W****rs !!


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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 5 Sep 2006, 09:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I thought the ribbing down the sides had been corrected. it was only the rivit counters that complained about it. aparently it had the wrong number of ribs.
It didn't bother me at all; compared with the rest of the old problems, that one is trivial.

QUOTE for the record it was totally the wrong colour as well!At least hornby are doing fantastic paint jobs these days.

QUOTE "Who were the people who supposedly lobbied Hornby for an early re-release of ex-Lima models?
W****rs !! "
for heavens sakes. you seem to have completly missed the point. its better than what we have now which is a load of lousey models at collectors prices. and it wasnt early re-release. we have been waiting 3 years!!We'll have to disagree on that one. Personally I'd rather have waited to get models to the standard of the 50, 31, 08/09 and 60.
With Hornby's recent record of releasing 1 or 2 new diesels a year, I don't think the wait wouldn't have been too long.
What worries me, is if these models sell resonably well, we can kiss goodbye to any chance of better versions.

QUOTE ...this is a NEW company we are looking at. they will want to make a good impression.What new company are you refering too?

New Lima has nothing to do with these British outline models; they're branded as (British) Hornby.

QUOTE Anything has to be better than the Lima.

QUOTE if it arrives in 1 piece it will be better than the lima!!

At least that shouldn't happen now.

Maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised?
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