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ViTrains, working in partnership with The Hobby Company, is pleased to finalise the release programme for the first quarter of 2009 which comprises six new 'OO' gauge model locomotives. The new Class 47 sees a change, with a revised boiler compartment roof, whilst two more refurbished 'heavyweight' Class 37s are represented.

Item No. V2056 JANUARY Class 37/7 No. 37709 Mainline Freight grey (image above, top)
In the same way as Freightliner re-branded its Class 47s, Mainline, one of the shadow privatisation freight companies, quickly marked its newly allocated traction. This 'heavyweight' Class 37 displays the 'rolling wheels' on its bodyside.

JANUARY Item No. V2064 Class 47/4 No. 47600 BR corporate blue (image above, bottom)
A spin back in time sees us arrive in the late-1980s when BR blue still was common. There is no escaping the Welsh connotations of this passenger machine originally named as part of the GW150 celebrations.

Item No. V2057 FEBRUARY Class 37/7 No. 37703 EWS maroon and gold
Before the GM Class 66s arrived, the Class 37/7s performed much good work for EWS, often in pairs. This model carries the later version of the Wisconsin Central inspired colour scheme. This loco later found its way to Spain!

FEBRUARY Item No. V2060 Class 47/4 No. 47519 'Heritage' BR two-tone green
One of the less well known 'celebrity' repaints was this machine, outshopped in 1995. The Rail express systems loco was a regular charter performer as well as seeing use on more mundane parcels traffic.

Item No. V2061 MARCH Class 47/3 No. 47370 Freightliner 'red triangle'
Before the advent of the current green and yellow livery, the Trainload Freight triple-grey scheme was widespread on the intermodal operator's 'hand me down' Class 47s. The classic red flash was applied on top.

MARCH Item No. V2063 Class 47/8 No. 47805 Virgin Trains red/grey
Ideal for representing Virgin's loco-hauled Cross-Country operation, this model carries the name 'Pride of Toton' after the depot that was home to the Brush Type 4s during their last months of operation.
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