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Hello Harkins,

Suspect size of the shed aside, if you save your design as a JPG/JPEG for upload it will be a much smaller size file which will save you time uploading it and us time downloading it!

I suggest you use the tighest curves your models can tollerate on the corners, and you might have to modify your third running track as it moves upwards just before the edge of the baseboard on the left when it really wants to move down! Once you've changed direction 90 degrees at each end then some point work can branch off inwards at both ends before all the tracks turn the second 90 degrees to run parallel to the visible layout, with the continuous loops around the outside of the fiddle yard and the sidings/loops inside that?

Hope this helps, but with tight space constraints their aren't many alternatives! Sorry it doesn't make any sense, I should have uploaded a picture to show it!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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