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Layout Icons

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What layouts stick in your minds as masterpieces/icons that inspired you to model and try and replicate?

For me there are 3 that really stick in my mind as perfection,2 from about 30 years ago when i was just about to turn a teenager and i still have the magazines that they featured in and still look at them in awe,these were in the railway modeller in 1980.

Borchester Market,a 4mm layout based on a small city terminus in the north midlands with a distinct great central/eastern region flavour.

Ashmelton,a small N gauge layout of a small country through station on a branchline in LMS days.

And finally from the mid 1990's Nether Stowey by the late great Andy Calvert,a GWR branch terminus based in Somerset in N gauge.

For me,these 3 layouts are just total perfection.

So what layouts stand out for you?
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I started railway modelling in the early 1960s, so the layouts that stick in my mind are from that era but, that said, I don't know if I'm really trying to emulate them. They are P D Hancock's Craig and Mertonford and Dave Howsam's original version of Porthleven. Another one that I dismissed at the time but now find fascinating (although with its emphasis on timetable operation, it is not the sort of layout I am aiming at) is the Sherwood Section of the LMS.
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