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Layout Icons

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What layouts stick in your minds as masterpieces/icons that inspired you to model and try and replicate?

For me there are 3 that really stick in my mind as perfection,2 from about 30 years ago when i was just about to turn a teenager and i still have the magazines that they featured in and still look at them in awe,these were in the railway modeller in 1980.

Borchester Market,a 4mm layout based on a small city terminus in the north midlands with a distinct great central/eastern region flavour.

Ashmelton,a small N gauge layout of a small country through station on a branchline in LMS days.

And finally from the mid 1990's Nether Stowey by the late great Andy Calvert,a GWR branch terminus based in Somerset in N gauge.

For me,these 3 layouts are just total perfection.

So what layouts stand out for you?
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Hmm going back to the sixties the one layout that I recall best was 'Buckingham' a GCR layout featured in Railway Modeller a couple of times and made by Peter Denny commencing in the 1940's surely the most iconic layout, I used to like to image how trains were handled Buckingham being a terminal station and thus different to fathers layout which is closer to my current Towcaster., in fact his layout was called Ramsfield and other stations named after the places in the books of Thomas Armstrong such as The Crowthers of Bankdam. Good times!
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