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Layout Photographs GWr Expo Portishead 16-17th June

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This is a selection of the snaps I took last Saturday at Portishead

Starting with Aberdare. This is an EM period layout depicting the 1920 it's a station to fiddle yard design. The standard of modelling is very very high

A brilliant model of the Victorian Terrance

As always the massive Clutton impresses - especially if you know the area and the old station
this one is operated by ZTC DCC I like the use of bell codes

I took a few snaps of the Loco shed layout maindee (I hope i got this right as i've lost my program)

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Excellent photos MMaD - I particularily liked the locoshed layout. (although I'm not a great fan of bell codes at exhibitions - two days and you seriously have ringing in your ears!)


Yes MMAD excellent photos.
I've seen Clutton in a magazine. It's good to see how it looks overall. Looks as though it has some tall timber on it. I think it takes a bit of courage to model trees to realistic heights.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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