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Gosh, such a huge amount of lucky you are...

if runround length is an issue...either reduce the permitted train length, ie number of wagons per train...or use a smaller loco.........

if the above is unhelpful. I suggest diguising the end [tail] of the actual runround, pehaps inside a building of some sort...or.....under a bridge....and use a sector plate instead of a turnout.

This effectively saves the length of a turnout..[a sector plate is simply a straight [ish] piece of plain track, laid onto something like, a thin bit of ply...pivotted at the tail end not next to the runround such a waythat the swinging length of track lines up with both sides of the runround loop. ....a useful disguise is the have the two converging tracks of the runround loop disappearing under, say, a bridge....ashas been done before, one could even arrange a storage road behind the scenes as a kickback...some sector plates are long enough to hold entire trains.

remember, model railways are in many ways, simply a piece of theatre.

Another option, especially if you are modelling old steam, is to end the runround loop in a small turntable......this being directly in the public gaze.

Going back to the sector plate theme, I have seen many plans which involve a longer sector plate, as a 'hidden siding' scheme........also combing as the outer end of a runround loop, hidden from view.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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