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Least likely model for production in 2007

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Following on from recent threads about what should produced, I thought I'd go the other way and see what comes up as the least likely model to be selected for mass production.

So to start the ball rolling how about LMS 4-6-0 "Fury"

Over to you guys........


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How about the LNER Beyer Garratt 2-8-0-0-8-2 no 69999, the Wath Banker?

If you choose to build almost any pre-grouping prototype, many of which continued to run into the 1950s, you are pretty safe at present, but for how long?

Will pre-grouping layouts become more popular?

The pre-grouping GWR enthusiast can now get a RTR Dean Single, a Dean goods and a pannier tank or a prairie and wagons and carriages to match. A typical small branch terminus that may of us model, needs a small passenger loco, an 0-6-0 goods loco and a tank engine. In the future shall we see similar 'sets' of locos for each of the larger companies? Should Hornby be promoting this theme? Private owner wagons are very pretty, they are popular and yet few of us have ever seen a real train of them. I certainly have not and yet there is a large market for them.

As we all get older, there will be less of us around who have seen steam in normal service on BR and the market for BR liveried locos will reduce. There may be proportionally more interest in the authentic pre-grouping scene and buyers may want stock for their own pregrouping layout with stock from mostly the same company.

If we take as a starting point the odd isolated examples of pre-grouping locos on the market today, what should be produced to run with them?

Here are few suggestions.

1. The Hornby J52 0-6-0T and their N2 need to be partnered by an Ivatt Atlantic and a J6 or a K2.
2. The Hornby LBSCR Terrier needs an H1 or H2 Atlantic and a C2X 0-6-0
3. The Caledonian Single needs one of the classes of 0-6-0 which lasted in large numbers into the 50s, and also a tank loco such as 0-4-4T which could possibly be based on the M7 chassis.

Any more suggestions?

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