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QUOTE (Allegheny1600 @ 21 May 2016, 22:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Some other forums just don't appreciate anything that's not British!
Try modelling 3-rail German in Australia. Europe doesn't exist at all, for most MRR folk here.

QUOTE A couple of years ago, a friend sold me a Brawa G 5.4 with DCC sound for only £100 and I loved it so much, I couldn't stop and now have several locos and have been slowly building up my fleet of Passenger and freight cars.
Any Prussian loco has a premium attached. I ended up getting the DRG 5.4, simply because it was cheaper. It's a nice model, either way.
If you don't have any of the Brawa 3-axle Prussian coaches, you're missing out. They're pretty special.
Marklin turned out a three-pack of Prussian 3-axle paired coaches that were quite nice also. I don't think these came as a Trix release, so you'll need to swap wheel-sets if go down that path.

Thanks for the detailed build photos.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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