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Hi Folks,
Would anyone here be interesting in seeing how my Prussian layout is proceeding?
I know I've started a few layout threads over the years, this time I have something tangible!
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Hi everyone,
Just a very quick update as what I had just written on my iPad, has been lost, Grrr.
What is shown above is the main scenic boards of Leberecht, packed up ready for shipping to Greece!
The layout is in transit but my wife and I have been here since last year.
We are brexit refugees!
The move was on the cards for several years to be honest but the impending loss of the right to travel and live in the rest of Europe, forced us to act decisively and quickly.
Most of last year was taken up with making our house look it’s best so that it sold in October and we were busy packing when news of the second lockdown broke so we really got our skates on.
Long story, full of woe but we’ve made it here and whatever happens, Leberecht will stay here but still in Prussian form.
Unfortunately, it looks like I can only post one picture as I switch between apps on the iPad.
Till next time then,
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Nice to hear from you That must have taken quite some planning especially in the climate which we all find ourselves.
Take care
Thanks, Babs.
Yes, everything took a lot of planning but when the notice of the second lockdown came, we went into panic mode! Looking back, I don’t know how we did it but thankfully, we did.
I got the layout packed up and most of my stock, my amazing wife, Bev got our clothes packed and organised the transport as we needed a one way car hire down to Heathrow and a pet cat ticket! Poor Peanut our Greek rescue cat was quite traumatised to return to his country of birth but he and us, have settled in nicely now.
Eventually, we were able to arrange some storage here, very near to our apartment so we could commission our shippers to collect everything that was in storage in the UK and get it all delivered to us here.
That was yet another hectic day but well worth it to have our stuff here. As far as I can see, everything is as it should be, yippee.
Since delivery day, not much has happened as our typical daytime temperatures have gone from a comfortable 30C to around 40C, can’t do that much in this sort of heat except enjoy cool drinks in the shade!
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Very much appreciated, Kristopher, thank you!
I have recently been sorting through my Flickr photos so I hope to show some more details of the build soon.
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