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Hi Folks,
Would anyone here be interesting in seeing how my Prussian layout is proceeding?
I know I've started a few layout threads over the years, this time I have something tangible!
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Hi, great to see you progressing. However, to show how new I am to this game, what on earth is a traverser?
P.s. thanks for your advice on locos. Hopefully ordering a Brawa DR V100 this week. The Roco one had gone.
What do you mean? It will look tidy underneath. Is this possible? All I've got is bus wires and droppers and a few bits of wiring for lights and it still looks like an explosion in a spaghetti factory.
Very neat work John
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Thanks for the link. Lovely bits for keeping wiring tidy Peter. Might be able to reengineer my lighting circuits using these as I am re organising my buildings into something more logical. For my track wiring I went very beefy to counteract the weather (we’ll see soon how it’s come through it’s first winter) so these connectors would be too small. Also, as my wires are quite chunky it means I have a ready built excuse for untidy wiring.
Very informative John. They do look an interesting idea as I am now helping out with a small club layout in the beginners section. There does seem to be an issue with having to work like a bomb disposal man when joining and dismantling the sections each time. These do seem to allow for a bit of human error. As you state, there is difficulty obtaining them. Are there other options?
With wiring that neat, that’s no beginners luck. As i tell people when I’m successful in anything. “ A little bit of skill and a hellova lot of talent”
Well done and far too neat
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At last, another Ho layout outdoors, albeit temporarily. Glad to see you managing to find time to work on it. Looking forward to seeing it all develop
Just to put some kind of positive spin on your stressful countdown to deadline, it at least meant that things got done. Reading posts on this forum and with my limited involvement with a new club layout, procrastination displacement activities often delay things for far longer than they should. Fine work and congratulations.
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