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QUOTE If you don't have any of the Brawa 3-axle Prussian coaches, you're missing out. They're pretty special.
Marklin turned out a three-pack of Prussian 3-axle paired coaches that were quite nice also. I don't think these came as a Trix release, so you'll need to swap wheel-sets if go down that path.

Good evening mates

I hope not to be boring, but the 3-axle paired coaches - in contrast to the non-paired - have been acquired for the Berlin suburban lines (S-Bahn) only. You can get them of Märklin and of Roco range - both are quite good in accordance with the prototypes built as of 1907. Until 1928 (when Berlin S-Bahn commenced to be transferred to electical System), these have only been used on Berlin and Hamburg suburban lines. As of 1928, already in Reichsbahn times, i.e. epoch II, the paired coaches have been transferred to other Agglomeration Areas such as Ruhr valley, Frankfurt-Rhine-Main and Saxony (Leipzig). At this time, livery had changed from prussian brown to Reichsbahn dark brown green (and different marking and lettering).

In contrast to the paired 3-axled coaches, the standard 3-axled coaches, either in prussian or in Reichsbahn livery, were vastly common to all passenger (not express trains) all over Germany except for Bavaria, Badonia, Württemberg, Saxony and Palatinate. Which was approx. 75 per cent. of the country. You can get such coaches rather expensive from Brawa or - second hand - rather cheap but good from the Roco range. Fleischmann sooner or later will follow with 3rd class coaches in epoch II livery (epoch I only in train sets). The Roco range only incudes the 2nd class coach.

Just to give you an idea:

Prussian 3-axled compartment coach 3rd class, 1907 type, Reichsbahn livery, with brakeman's cab, Roco 44505

Prussian 3-axled compartment coach 2nd class, 1907 type, Reichsbahn livery, brakeman's cab removed, Roco 44526

Prussian 3-axled compartment coach 3rd class, former 4th class, 1904 type, Reichsbahn livery, brakeman's cab removed, Roco 44513

Prussian 3-axled compartment coach 4th class, 1904 type, prussian livery prior to 1914, with brakeman's cab, Brawa 45482

may be continued...

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