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QUOTE (loz62 @ 27 Jul 2008, 10:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Has anyone had a look at the new lenz 3.6 software upgrade, looking at the features it looks like a good upgrade maybe jumped a head on nce. anyone got it done?

Yes Geoff Booth has had his Lenz system upgraded at A&H models.
His last post was HERE

It seems that there have been a few tweaks but mainly to upgrade the functions to 28.
I read the upgrade manual on the other forum.

From others who have had the upgrade though they have all said it was well worth paying to have it done.

Jumped ahead of NCE.....I don't think so
NCE sent out upgrades for the 28 functions and other tweaks this time last year!
The ease of use of the NCE offerings is just so easy compared to the Lenz equipment, having tried them all before buying, thats my opinion anway.
Not used any Lenz stuff since this new upgrade so don't know if it's made it any better/easier though.


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QUOTE (loz62 @ 27 Jul 2008, 11:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Has anyone had a look at the new lenz 3.6 software upgrade, looking at the features it looks like a good upgrade maybe jumped a head on nce. anyone got it done?

I have had a LZV100 and a LH100 upgraded to 3.6 and certainly believe it to be worth it.
I am waiting for two LH90 upgrades to come back.
The upgrade gives
Access to 28 functions which can all be set to continuous or momentary operation.

An expanded stack of up to 12 loco addresses can now be stored in LH100. (256 addresses can still be stored in command station)

Choice of function refresh

Now program CVs from 1-1024 on program track.

Programing on main (POM) has been made easier and faster.

Programing on service (programing) track is also easier and faster.

AS far as being ahead of NCE, or any others, probably not but I do believe Lenz is now up there with them.
Easier than NCE? that is a matter of opinion. I always found Lenz to be easy.
When working for a large hobby shop I had to become familiar mainly with Lenz, NCE, Digitrax.
I found Lenz to be the easiest ( 12 yrs op with Lenz at the time probably helped) Digitrax the hardest and I found NCE to be somewhere in the middle. I did own a Power Cab and found it to be quite difficult.
I am not saying one system is better than the other. This is my opinion only.

The most intuitive and easiest system I have found to use is the Ecos.

Happy DCCing
Ian sa

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As mentioned by Wiggy I have had the upgrade done by A&H and I can only praise their service which was excellent. I have seen elsewhere that some are saying they will only send back to Lenz in Germany for an upgrade ie not trusting A&H. Personally I think that is a bit daft - it is like saying you have to get a Toyota serviced in Japan!

Wiggy and Ian have covered what it does so no point in my repeating that. If you have a Lenz system I would upgrade but if you are deciding which system you want then there are many issues to consider beyond the differences of the software upgrade and those are also covered at great length elsewhere.


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