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Lenz 90 problem

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I have a problem with my lenz 90 system stack. I cannot enter the number 0003 to drive new locos with that number on the chip. I know it was there when I bought it but I seem to have stuffed it up somehow. I have followed the instructions in the manual precisely and exactly on several occasions to no avail.

I have in the stack in order

0053 which drives that loco

00.86 which drives that loco but why the full stop in it ?

0.0'0.3. which does not drive a decoder with 3 on it

00.93 which I was trying to set up

0.0'0.3. again


00:91 which drives a loco, but why the colon ?

0.0'0.3. again which was where i was trying to enter 0003 again.

Please can anyone enlighten me as to what i have got wrong ? Also the meaning of these various dots, if any, would be useful.

I would be grateful for any advice on this problem.

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I have an LH90 system its about 4 years old now and has been ok untill the last few weeks when one of the locs addresses changed to ER03.You could only scroll round the addresses untill you got to ER03 and the system would lock up.I had to unplug it and start again.It was doing this on both my LH90 controllers.In the end i took the battery out of the LZV100 so that it forgot its commands. I then put the battery back in (it neads soldering back in) and it worked fine for a few weeks.It has now started to not work on F1 so my soud locos start up and then shut down again. I had to change the addresses of my sound locos and they work ok now.With all these problems i have now replaced with an Hornby Elite whitch i find is a better controller anyway
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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