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Lenz 90 problem

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I have a problem with my lenz 90 system stack. I cannot enter the number 0003 to drive new locos with that number on the chip. I know it was there when I bought it but I seem to have stuffed it up somehow. I have followed the instructions in the manual precisely and exactly on several occasions to no avail.

I have in the stack in order

0053 which drives that loco

00.86 which drives that loco but why the full stop in it ?

0.0'0.3. which does not drive a decoder with 3 on it

00.93 which I was trying to set up

0.0'0.3. again


00:91 which drives a loco, but why the colon ?

0.0'0.3. again which was where i was trying to enter 0003 again.

Please can anyone enlighten me as to what i have got wrong ? Also the meaning of these various dots, if any, would be useful.

I would be grateful for any advice on this problem.

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I had similar problems when the command station battery was running low. There is an error which indicates this - error 97 I think but please check in manual - so if you are getting these too then it's worth getting the battery changed. You need to return it to the dealer to have this done.
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