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Hi All haven't a clue on Dcc need help I am thinking of getting a Lenz Compact but wonder can anyone tell me can yu operate both 00 & N gauge with this system,also I seen somewhere you cannot use the hornby power clip, so what power clip would I use also if I get the Compact AND the TR 100 Transformer would I be good to go.Hope I can get some info on this as looking at the forum you guys look really up to speed on this stuff.Cheers
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The Lenz compact is a pretty good basic controller suitable for OO and N. Limited number of function buttons so you won't get the best out of sound locos. Easy to use unit, that and a power supply - 14-16v ac or 14-18v dc and you're good to go. Can also plug a Roco multimaus in as a walkaround controller. The power connecting clip for digital is Hornby part R8242 - doesn't have the built in suppression capacitor.
Ok Darra thanks for the information and thanks for taking the time Cheers
The Lenz Compact is a good "toe in the water" starter for DCC. I used one to see if DCC was the way to go (it was!). I later sold the Compact and bought an NCE Power Cab and have never looked back. You are limited to control of five functions (F0 - F4), which is enough for most non-sound locomotives / units.

Any power clip will work, as long as it doesn't have a capacitor / suppression. The Lenz simply has two track wires coming out of two screw terminals, plus two similar programming track connections.
I would put in a plug for getting a 25 to 30W soldering iron, multicore electrical solder and some wire, instead of the Hornby power connection clip. A good hobby store will show you the 'how to' of soldering as part of the sale if you don't have experience. This is beneficial both for adding plenty of powerfeeds around a layout, and to enable DCC decoder fitting to any loco: also useful for a host of model railway and other repair tasks. After a while you will wonder how you got by without this facility.
> You are limited to control of five functions (F0 - F4),
It is not true with currently sold units... Lenz update software...
That's interesting, Peter. How does one access the extra functions and how many more have they added?
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