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When you buy a more expensive system there are several things you should demand. One of them is a stable platform that does not require constant upgrades and revisions. Lenz, NCE, (Digitrax which wasn't mentioned and which is the biggest seller world wide), do not require so many revisions and upgrades as for instance the ECoS which has recently been introduced.
The next thing to look for are the features, make a list and compair systems capabilities, to some extent this has been done for you if you look at Liza's DCC
systems chart on this forum.
Finally try out those systems you have short listed, it might be you have a particular liking for one make of handset, or even a central console. Put some effort into your selection and keep reading as much as you can from various sites, that way you will make you own informed decision, and not depend on others for judgement.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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