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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 9 Feb 2008, 23:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Given that everyone is an evangelist for their own choice, I'll decolare my position and give you a perspective from one who uses and sells them all, and has a choice of anything at all for his own layout.

I use NCE and ECOS together (NCE either on its own or via the ECOS sniffer port). At my workbench is an NCE PowerCab which is the ONLY one I'll use there, as it can handle every sound loco and do anything a huge system can do, and I need to be able to test everything easily.

If I had to choose one and stay with it it'd be no contest - I'd not decide on features or frills, but ergonomics - NCE would win hands down as the best one to use and hold. PowerCab at the workbench, PowerHouse Pro at the layout. I love my ECOS, but I prefer a handset that fits my hand so well I don't need to look to operate it.



Richard the solution to this is to use the ECoS with the Mobile Control for ECoS. I got mine last week and have put a review under the DCC controllers section. It makes a huge difference and gives you the hand held control you are talking about.

It goes without saying that everyone will speak up on behalf of their chosen controller but one of the reasons I chose the ECoS was that it was future proofed by being able to have downloadable upgrades. This enables new features and technology to be added after purchase. I am surprised that anyone would see this as a negative.
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