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I'm using the Lenz LS150 and it doesn't have a built in CDU, and whats more you can't use it to fire a CDU.

The Lenz LS150 uses 16Volts AC max 3amp supply, to power it, the DCC control just operates the internal switches to put this power out to the point motor.

Works great on my layout, using Seep PM1 point motors, and a seperate 16v 3amp power supply.
I've actually managed to set up a macro on the NCE Powercab to switch all 6 points works no problem.

It DIDN'T work using a smaller power supply, would only switch one point motor.

I was going to use a CDU but they need a DC input and as the LS150 uses AC can't be done.......well it can but not very easily or cheaply.

Having worked it out cost wise it was cheaper for me to buy the bigger power supply.

If you want to go PC controlled it may be better to find a different type of accessory decoder that gives a DC output so it can operate a CDU. I think ZTC controls do one not sure if it can be PC controlled.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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