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Having had time to look around and read up on alot more DCC equipment now, although keen on the ECOS, I think I may be better off going for a Lenz system.

In particular I like the look of the Li set (wireless via PC and PDA handhelds), but no one appears to stock this as such in the UK.

My reasons for liking this are:-
1) Base system can be standard Lenz 90's or 100's
2) I happen to have a spare wireless router
3) I happen to own a WI-Fi equiped PDA
4) I have a PC and a laptop for use on the model railway as well.
5) I have Lenz mini and hornby decoders in my locos which should work with the Lenz systems.

I think I will have to import from the USA, but before I commit to any such purchase, has anyone got or played with the Loco CE software for PDA's or the PC 'Engine Commander' software packages?

Seems a good way to go for me to get multiple cabs up and running quickly with a minimum outlay of spending! I can't see me getting the Hornby Select units working with the Lenz kit over Xpressnet, but you never know, might be able to lash them in too!

Any views on this proposed setup?
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