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Remove the capacitors from the motor and the one on socket board, most DCC systems will see this as short due to the way they are arranged. The RF chokes on the socket can be left in place but it is best to remove them and solder a jumper wire in their place. My cousin installed a Gold decoder and had the same problem. After removal of the caps no problems were found programming the loco. As stated in another post all RF supression is provided by the decoder.


QUOTE (icornish @ 31 Jan 2007, 21:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>After a little while away, I'm putting a Lenz silver into my (well run in) Fairburn tank.
Decoder works fine in other loco's, but when I follow Bachmann's instructions (which forbid removing the inductors and capacitors), I cannot program it on my Compact (Err 2).
Unfortunately, I've long lost the Compact manual, though I understand this means it cannot see the decoder.

Any thoughts how to program this? I cannot get the loco to move at all.
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