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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 13 Jun 2008, 05:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>***If you are in the USA then definately go with the NCE PowerHouse Pro:

Commonly used with computer control, exceptional features (and can control the max of 28 decoder functions), It is ergonomically excellent, well supported by all major train control software & the most user firendly of all and available with very high quality and reliable bidirectional radio at a reasonable price. Excellent Mfr and E-group support.

Many US clubs that were Digitrax are moving or have moved now to NCE.

The NCE Powerhouse pro has direct computer connection from the system command box - no need for any added interface at all.

Zimo is an excellent system but to me is overly expensive even allowing for its quality. EU based products are mostly good but generally desk bound and you specify walkaround being your stryle. Lenz is competent but tired and almost stagnant development wise.... and needs an expensive black box for computer control. Digitrax is competent and well supported but can be confusing to many users compared to NCE which I find anyone 7 to 70 is comfortable with in 5 inutes.


As a UK based user of NCE (with no connection to either NCE or Richard) I would agree 100% with Richard. Digitrax does have a lot of third party products that support computer control and a large user comminity but the handsets are very fiddly and confusing. There are a number of computer control options for the major DCC systems including some "do it yourself" if you are interested in electronics (see for both kits and low cost / free software)
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