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Hi Thats exactly what I have been trying to research
Recently Ive looked at the software available .

1. The RailRoad & Co "Traincontroller" they also sell a package ($279 plus P&P)( with a hand controller, USB interface and software every thing you need to get up and running through your PC or standalone It can also work with a number of other systems (see their Web for details ) ,with vary degrees of compatibility

2.JMRI Has a number of different programs available Free there are varying compatibility issues with different systems web address

3.ZugDCC for Lenz XpressNet which is what Roco , ZTC and Hornby Elite use.

4. Rocomotion for the Roco Lenz based XpressNet software is created for roco by RailRoad and Co I think you will find this info is in german

we originally started in DCC with a Roco start set LokMaus II and latter upgraded to the MultiMaus Love the control and the ability to put loco descriptions in a library but you cant "read" the Decoder CV values which is why I was going to buy the Rocomotion Set which does.

But Now I'm not so sure ,
Lenz Make some fantastic systems and The Railroad and Co system has features that are very simple (on there hand set) but extremely flexable and come with the software and computer interface

NCE control system have a computer interface(using JMRI software), which is more economic at $49.00 ,to use with their control set ,which every body has good things to say about . USA Made also has wireless handsets as an option and lots of room for expansion .
Also available Locally in Australia through DCCConcepts

I would like to hear from anyone who is using these computer interface systems and see what pitfalls are .
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