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QUOTE (evilzenscientist @ 12 Jun 2008, 03:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Also I'm in the US and the exchange rate is killing me

Much of the equipment & models we use is cheaper in the US than Europe, even with the present exchange rates !

If you use the Multimaus with a Lenz amplifier you can then read CV's.

We have always found Lenz (with the exception of the Compact) to be very reliable (as is Roco, which is made by Lenz). They seem to be a little "old hat" now having been overtaken by other brands with more features - maybe they are planning something..........................

Have a good look at the ECoS, there are quite a few ECoS users here & IMHO well worth considering. The Viessmann Commander may be worth a look but does seem expensive & of course new.

My advice would be to narrow your choice's down ;

Do you want computer control, if not now later ?

Do you want "desk" or "hand" controllers ?

Do you require local support or are OK with distance support ?

That should eliminate a few !

Hope this helps & welcome to MRF.
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