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Level Crossing Safety

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I stumbled upon this on youtube (when I should have been doing paperwork) - I would guess, judging by the commentry it's either Australia or New Zealand.

Pretty hard hitting lierally - somehow I don't think it would be allowed in the UK - but maybe that's the sort of thing required to drive the message home ?

What do you think ?
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Hi Brian, I've looked at several cases on these accidents and it mostly appears that there is allways a level of carelessness on the user.A few examples are cars stalling,(you have to be the unluckiest person in the world if this happens to you) the case I read pointed to a dodgy starter on the car. A young lad with his hood over his head and personal stereo on so he didnt hear car horns beeping at him.And quite a few were suspected suicide cases so maybe public info films would not have kept these people alive. I think it is all down to common sense,everyone knows that any contact with a moving train isnt going to be much fun. Whatever warnings there are people will still take chances.
I cant understand why it was low key, the drink drive ads are quite in your face.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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