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It's an Australian ad from either South Australia or Victoria. There have been a few pretty bad train accidents at level crossings and the like last year. I think the worst was the QR tilt train that hit the semi trailer that had tried to drive around the barriers at a level crossing near Bundaberg. The train was doing about 140kph at the time.
I have noticed that many government ads here have taken to use "shock and awe" methods as the old lets not scare them to much ads don't seem to work.

Charles Emerson

QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 8 Feb 2009, 21:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I stumbled upon this on youtube (when I should have been doing paperwork) - I would guess, judging by the commentry it's either Australia or New Zealand.

Pretty hard hitting lierally - somehow I don't think it would be allowed in the UK - but maybe that's the sort of thing required to drive the message home ?

What do you think ?
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