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LF's Second 4mm Signal Kit Construction

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Hi there,

While this is kind of a workbench style thread I thought it wise to keep the signalling a little separate so it is all in one place. Mods - please move if you feel it more appropriate elsewhere.

I commenced work on a MSE signal kit last night the LMS upper quadrant, timber post, single arm starter and I chose to model it this time with a corrugated arm.

I will attempt better close ups in day light over the weekend showing the application of the 0.3mm wire (corrugations) to the rear of the arm. Total time spent from opening the pack to getting to the stage shown here inclusive of the faffing around to add corrugations (is it really worth it I ask
) was 2 hours from 830 to 1030 and off to bed I went and duly dreamed about signals all night! How refreshing was that

Any how here is a pic of the signal in question. I have gone with the full height this time of scale 22', cutting the top off the whitemetal pole with my junior hacksaw and filing it square. Spindle bearing was cut with a pair of Xuron track cutters as I don't have a Dremel or similar and find that with care the track cutters to a neat enough job, particularly if you leave a little spindle wire 0.7mm in the tube before cutting.

Stop wire (0.3mm?) was soldered to the spindle bearing with 145 solder and flux all at full length making handling easier then trimmed to correct projection after soldering the assembly to the post using low melt 70 degree solder. Tricky to align the bearing correctly on a tapered white metal post at 4mm centre line distance from top of post and then apply soldering iron and solder with out burning ones fingers - and you wonder why I don't take many photos of what I am doing
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Don't know if this is ok to put here but here is the slow progress on one of my signal boxes this one being East Tor (see my signalling diagrams).

I have attempted to represent the levers as per the digram with facing point locks on blue and black painted levers etc. Will that ever be seen?? Who knows. I know its there and can tell people that is there I guess.

Notice the desk at the back? It has a desk lamp I made out of a little scrap brass to make a shade and some of Richard Johnson's Kynar wire (I think that's the name of it.) It has a 0.8mm surface mount prototypical white LED in it well I should say it did until last weekend when I applied DCC voltage into it without a resistor down at DCC Concepts
Strewth! Happily disptracted with other projects so will revisit this one later I think.

Any how thought some might like to see it. Its a Wills kit with a Wills interior.

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