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Dear Forum

I have in my possesion the follwowing:
3 x LGB 23191 locos
4 x LGB 30805 carriages
1 x LGB 30815 carriage
1 x LGB 30845 carriage
1 x box 11000 track

The above items have come into my possesion following the sad passing away of a railway enthusiast.

Can anybody advise me of the best place to sell these items on for a very reasonable price to somebpdy who will take as much care of them as he did.

Thank you.


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I do run LGB myself and would be interested for my own collection - please feel free to send me further details via a PM.

On the other hand if you cannot find an enthusiast there is always eBay - LGB items very rarely fail to reach excellent prices on eBay, in fact they sometimes fetch more than retail price !
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