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LGB seems to be on the right path now and is developing new locos.

LGB presented the new model of 220 076-4 as it was in epoch IV. The excellent detail of the model, which is equipped with two motors and reversing lights, impresses with its prototypical paintwork and printing. With the built-in interface for digital operation, subsequent incorporation of a digital decoder is possible at any time. The LGB 221 076-4 is available under LGB article number 21940 (below).

In the nineteen-thirties, the Nordhausen-Wernigeroder Eisenbahngesellschaft ordered a steam locomotive with wheel arrangement 2-6-2 from Krupp in Essen. The loco was put into service as No. 21 of the Nordhausen-Wernigeroder-Eisenbahn. The outbreak of war meant that no further engines of this type were built and NEW 21 remained the only one of its kind. As from 1956, the loco ran on the Selketalbahn, where it can still be seen in daily service today. After being repainted green, the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen restored the loco to its present black livery.

In this version, 99 6001-4 is offered as a finely detailed LGB model. LGB revised this model in 2006 with improvements over previous versions. The model is prepared with a DCC interface for upgrading with a digital decoder. It also features reversing lighting.

The model of 99 6001-4 of the HSB is supplied to retailers by LGB with article number 26801 (below).

Some of the LGB models on their stand:

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