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In the early 1980's, Life-Like released a South African Blue Train. This model was different to the Lima 5e units (e919 and e444), as it was based on the facelifted 5e, called the 6e1 electric locomotive. The difference with Life-Like's model, was that the cowcatcher was attached to the body, whereas Lima's units move around with the bogie (which was better for tight curves).

The Life-Like locos couldn't negotiate tight curves due to the constriction created by the coupler attached to the bogie and protruding through a gaping hole in the cowcatcher. These units were fitted with lights too and came in a set with a powered loco, a dummy loco and two coaches with brown tinted windows.

Has anyone seen these or got a set? I had one years ago and gave up all my model trains (about 20 years ago) and have just recently started getting back into it again and I have a fond affection for these units.

Any information would be most welcome. I have contacted Walthers as they have now bought Life-like models, but they know nothing of this trainset as it was way before their time.

Much appreciated.

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