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QUOTE (Madkitten @ 18 Sep 2008, 19:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hiya,

Ive just fitted dcc into an older chassis class 73 from dapol ( n Gauge ) and am now having second thoughts about the directional lights!!!

am using a Gaugemaster Very small decoder ( DCC22) ad want to know if its okay to connect the leds to the outputs ( yellow wire / white wire ) without any resistors. The blue wire is the common for the lighting with the yellow / white as the power for them. Hope some one can understand what ive written and maybe help me out !!!



Hi Nikki,

I have fitted directional lights to one of these using the white/yellow wire from the decoder, resistors must be used inline with the leds on the correct side.
Make sure you keep enough wire left on the end of the lights to solder to i wired my light so the red wires joined the blue wire from the decoder the black wire went to either the white/yellow wire all you need to do is make sure the correct wire is put at each end for direction.
Space is tight to fit all the insulated wires in but it can be done once all is tested to your satisfaction, the plastic lugs in the roof either side of the wires as it comes from factory i removed carefully with a file and snips to make more space, lie the wires straight as you can and tape them into the roof.
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