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lighting issues

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Hi folk, absolute newbie to DCC.

Connected up ECoS to my shelf layout yesterday with success. Amazed at the functionality of the unit.

The only DCC loco I have is a Bendigo Models P class with LokSound 5 full throttle decoder.
ECoS detected the loco on a programming track with its 1536 CV's - took ages to register via the programming track.

Sound is amazing, so too motor control - set at 28 steps.

Where I have run into trouble is that I have no lighting on the model - the function buttons on ECoS show headlight and marker lights as being able to turn on and off... but nothing results on the model.

There are two switches under the model - and I checked them in both the off and on positions... sadly, without success.

I read through the LokSound instructions and did not find a solution... also ECoS.

I further noted that the decoder was safe to run on DC - so, connected up a temporary track and powered up the loco on pure DC... at 6 volts, the loco sprang to life, and all lighting appeared... directional head and marker lights.

I have not yet connected ECoS up to the layout using the POM connection - does the programming track connection prevent lighting?

I'm guessing my issue is somewhere within either ECoS or programming of the decoder.

The decoder files were pre-installed by DCCsound... I have sent an email to them for a solution.

Is there something that I am missing?

much appreciated,

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Can't help with your specific problem but lighting functions do work on the programming track connected to my ECoS.
So no lights on programming track = unhappy decoder lighting function.

Thanks David, we can rule out issues with programming track then. I will post up a reply once this is sorted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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