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Depending on what lamps you use

but wiring will be

White wire to the front headlight -powered from the blue wire will be at track voltage
so you need to add a resister if you are using a LED

Most decoders come with wiring diagram and suggestions to the use of resistors

The white to the tail lights , if you want them to come on in the forward direction
blue wire will also power the tail lights

Yellow wire goes to the rear headlights once again powered from the blue wire
Yellow to the tail lights at the other end

the flashing light will be the Green or purple wire (usually switchable as F1, F2)

By default the white wire is switched on in the forward direction , Yellow for reverse

TCS decoders have a number of lighting effects ,built in , that you can program quite easily

Strobe lights ,double strobe , mars , gyro auto dimming etc
and wait theres more you can change when the lights come on (with function buttons or loco Direction)

Hope this helps , If you look at their website and down load the decoder literature you can see what I mean

Regards Zmil
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