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QUOTE (dwb @ 27 Jun 2007, 18:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>As part of improvements to my attic I am planning to install a lighting track. The system I have found has a lot of fittings which take GU10 PAR16 style bulbs. Mindful of the fact that it would be very easy to overload the lighting circuit and create undesirable hot spots with halogen fittings I am considering using LED replacements. Whilst I can see the power ratings for these replacements, I have not been able to find any references which suggest what the light output they produce.

My questions are

1) Are LED replacement lamps of this type any good?

2) At what sort of distance from the work surface are they effective?

Hello David,
Have you considered those rope lights that come in 6ft and up lenghts/strings with small what looks like grain of wheat lamps wired in a heavy plastic tubing?
The strings are suitable for outdoor use.They come in all white and at Christmas in colours.
I have used them to great effect as they give a very good overall blanketing lighting effect and not spotty like separate lamps.
I use mine in conjunction with dimmer switches giving a pleasant late evening and nighttime lighting.Also you can run them at not fullest brightness thus saving wear and tear and early burn out.
They do not run hot.
Just a thought,
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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