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Hi David,

The G10 LED lamps tend to be a tad "blueish".

A better bet may be the CFL (compact flourescent lamp). We have used them (including gradually in my own house as we upgrade). The 11w actually gives the equivelent of a 50w halogen. The cool white/4000k gives excellent colour rendering & a bit cheaper than the LED variety.

They give about half instant light after about 1 second & are fully run up (no flicker though) after about 5 minutes. Lamp life is quoted at 15,000 hrs.

BTW - some of the LED types that we have fitted in the past do run quite warm.

If you want further details send me a PM.

Just noticed that you are proposing to use lighting tracks - if this is the case then some fittings will not take GU10 LED/CFL's are these lamps can be longer than standard GU10's.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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