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lights for hornby dcc ready class 66

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i got some hornby dcc ready class 66's, but as you know they do not have any lights, i asked express models about there kits but they said that they are not made for the dcc ready locos. has anyone done lights on hornby dcc ready class 66's. if so could you give me some help on what chip and what light kit to get and any web pages that would give some help on how to do this. all i could find was how to do lights for units like the class 170's dummy cars.

many thanks guys
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See Richard Johnson DCC Concepts [email protected] and he will supply you what what you need for your 66. It depends on how far you want to go? Do you just want directional lighting or do you also want cab lighting etc......

Whatever you want he can supply the lighting to suit your 66 prototype.


thanks for the reply. yes i dont want to go to mad, as this is my first go at adding lights. i will just add lights to the front of the loco, i will not try to do both ends on my first go.
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