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Liliput Baureihe 42 1800 DR, Ep.II Tarnfarbe - Review

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I have happily been reviewing this fantastic model over the last few days. It compliments the other armoured locos that I've been looking at recently.

Click here for the review.
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The camo itself is correct; a summer/fall 1944 eastern front camo.

Only thing is, the class 42 never wore it.

The 42 was not used near the frontline, due to its weight restrictions and, considering the fact that the front was closing in on Germany, less engines were necessary by 1944, and the class 52s could handle that traffic alone. Add to this that these "new" engines weren´t to be "wasted" on the Soviet front.

Some 42s did wear the 1944/1945 winter camo though, because that was necessary to escape strafing fighter planes in winter.
The class 42 was very, very rarely used in France during World War 2. These engines had been built comparatively late in WW2, and were thus used mainly inside Germany and Austria. Plus, they were very shaky performers.

France had their own engines, which were used inside Germany as well. Chances are that in occupied France, some early class 52s (sans the winterization kit) and some class 44s, which were built in occupied French fatories, would be more appropriate.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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