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Liliput Baureihe 42 1800 DR, Ep.II Tarnfarbe - Review

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I have happily been reviewing this fantastic model over the last few days. It compliments the other armoured locos that I've been looking at recently.

Click here for the review.
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Very good review Doug, looks great on your layout. Love the cam pattern it looks mint!

Ahhh I was green with envy when I saw one of these Richard had running that he had just added sound to. I couldn't believe the detail on it and how good are those working lit black out markers on the front and rear. I plan to get one of these some day.

Is it a good runner and is it tricky to work on? I cant remember now but the one Richard had also had a firebox glow or was that something he added to it? Does this one have it? One interesting point Richard passed on the German logo is missing the swastika in the centre as it is illegal to use it, even on models.

Love it, love it, love it, got to have one, great review and as I have said before I buy lots based on the reviews here.


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