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Liliput Baureihe 42 1800 DR, Ep.II Tarnfarbe - Review

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I have happily been reviewing this fantastic model over the last few days. It compliments the other armoured locos that I've been looking at recently.

Click here for the review.
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Very thorough review and nice to be able to do it. The scenery and layout look quite picturesque and must be part of an amazing layout.

I really like the photo of the Floridsdorf Locomotive Werks.

You get a real sense of the place.

As for the comments by ME-26-06, It is interesting the part played by railways in any war . It has often been said that such large scale gatherings (or amassings) were only possible using the railway system. This is especially true o the part played by railway in the First World War. However, as with any technology, it is neutral and it how we use it that determines whether it is positive o negative.

Makes one think

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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